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The Write Copywriter Stays Focused on What's Important
by Christine McDonald 10-29-08

At the time of its sinking, she was considered the largest passenger steamship in the world. An Olympic-class passenger liner with some of the most advanced technology. Yet on April 14, 1912 the Titanic departed Southampton, England on a voyage that went down in history. The Titanic hit an iceberg and sank two hours and forty-five minutes later on April 15, 1912. A shocking event ranked as "one of the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters in history."

What happened? Do we know? Will we ever? Did she ignore icy warnings? Could she have carried more lifeboats, providing enough seats for all her passengers? I imagine there will always be a myriad of unanswered questions and supposition. But one thing's for certain. If what was believed to be "unsinkable" can sink...anything's possible. And that's the lesson I gleaned from that fateful tragedy. Embark on your journeys prepared...knowing that anything can happen...and stay focused.

My Voyage

And so I set out on my voyage to create my website. A port of credentials and creativity for prospects to peruse at their leisure. I mapped out its structure. I created its content. I was fully prepared. Then I hit rough waters. No big deal, really. It was just a few unexpected glitches. Some, simply pages that began heading in directions I hadn't quite anticipated. Some, HTML related - or lack thereof, I should confess. All of the glitches were manageable. It would just take more time...and more time...and more time.

Before long, I realized I was spending more time creating my website than my business. I was sacrificing my craft for the creation (albeit necessary) of a marketing tool.

Panic crept in. As it did, I remembered the words that an instructor who taught handicapped children to swim once shared with me. "Oftentimes, people don't drown because of lack of ability to swim. They drown because they panic."

Stay Focused

I took that wisdom and backed off for a day to regroup. To digress. Should I ignore the distress signals of overload? Fatigue. Confusion. Compromising quality for completion. Wouldn't that be the equivalent of navigating head on iceberg?

As I searched the confusion of my mind for clarity, I recalled another historical moment. Yet with a different outcome than the Titanic.

It was 1983. The America's Cup. The most prestigious regatta and match race in the sport of sailing. The New York Yacht Club had held the trophy and title of the America's Cup since the 1850s. That is until...

The Australia II challenged the race and the waters off Newport, Rhode Island. And with preparation, focus and perseverance, Australia II captivated the sailing world as it took command of the waters and possession of the America's Cup.

As documented, "The Australians recovered from a bad start to win the America's Cup 4-3 in a best of seven format and breaking the 132-year winning streak."

What's Important...

Now, I may not be embarking on any oceanic competition here. But as I join the myriad of sites in cyberspace, I take these points to the keyboard: Be prepared. Don't panic and stay focused...on what's important.

You'll notice a few pages of the Write Copywriter aren't complete. They took on a creative life of their own. But I won't trade the integrity of my work for the mere "completion" of this project. Integrity is what I put into my business. And my business is crafting copy for yours.

Bear with me while I stay focused on my craft...creating copy. The web pages "Under Construction" will be up and running shortly, I promise...

Of course, that's so long as Australia isn't challenging the America's Cup, which would definitely divert my focus. I watched that race in 1983.
It was...Absolutely Awesome!

In the meantime, sail smoothly through the waters of the Write Copywriter. Navigation's a breeze. And the Captain's prepared for your call as you pull into her Port of Authority...

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