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The Write Copywriter Makes a Difference

What are the copywriting fees holistic health, healing arts, hospitality, entertainment and fundraising markets can expect to pay for copy crafted by the Write Copywriter?

Too often it seems our pursuit for something stops short at the buck. Oh, I can't afford that...oh, that must be expensive...oh, I'll wait until I have more money.

Admittedly, I don't work for free. But don't assume (my) copywriting fees for such services are elusive to the common cause.

Per Project Pricing

No two copywriting jobs are the same. So, no set copywriting fee could ever be sensibly established.

My holistic copywriting fees are based on per project pricing. Depending on what you need, when you need it and what goes into creating it, determines the fee charged.

So, contact me by phone or e-mail for your FREE no-obligation per project quote. Let's discuss your project, your particulars, your budget, my...

Simple Pricing Process

Here's how the simple pricing process works at the Write Copywriter:

  • you have a product, service or idea to promote
  • you've stumbled upon the awesome holistic copywriting services of the Write Copywriter
  • you ponder, you's probably expensive...I probably can't afford it...I'd better go play the lottery

  • then you get that whack off the back of the head
    You know the guy! So...

  • you call. You share YOUR awesome project with me
  • we discuss needs, ideas, expectations...costs, deadlines, budget. we part ways
  • within 48 hours you receive an estimate and a work order from the Write Copywriter outlining your project, the terms, my fees

  • you ponder, you decide you'd better go play the lottery
  • just kidding

  • you look the work order over and YOU decide if you wish to hire the Write Copywriter for your holistic copywriting project
  • if you have further concerns regarding my copywriting fees, you contact me before making your final decision.

  • It's a painless and pleasant procedure. If you don't inquire, you'll never know.

  • what my holistic copywriting services can do for you...and
  • what my copywriting fees are at ...

  • the Write Copywriter
    everything else is just jargon™