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To provide proper Social Media Services to you, our first line of inquiry would be: Where in this Social Media landscape is your business located? And more importantly, what is your business doing to keep your social media content current, informative, interesting and share-able ...
Our Social Media Services will help you find your place in the social media web
Social Media Marketing is no longer just an added benefit to your business - it's a necessity !

Integrating some form of social media into your marketing plan not only speaks volumes about the face of your company, but assists you in interacting consistently with your audience.

While you don't have to go overboard and attempt to implement every social option available, you do have to get on the social media bandwagon. And once there, it's imperative you stay connected to your audience with relevant, useable information and opportunities.

    Social Media Writing is not the same as traditional web writing

    With traditional web writing you are writing content pages and landing (sales) pages to a "persona" of people - a type of group, if you will ... while also focusing much of your attention on pleasing the search engines.

    With social writing you are writing to real people, one-on-one. You are writing to inform, engage and entertain; share and interact with potentially unhappy audiences.

    You have to be able to appreciate what they're feeling, respect their concern and be adept at verbal consolation, problem solving and solution finding ... immediately !

    There's no sales speak or forked-tongue in social media writing. It's the true voice of your company connecting to real humans on a real human level.

Here at the Write Copywriter our social media services focus on assisting you in creating and maintaining
a Facebook, YouTube and Blog presence in the social circles.

Contact the Write Copywriter to assist you in implementing Facebook Marketing into your social media strategy

Facebook - Having a facebook presence nowadays is not an extra, it's an expectation. While creating a professional facebook page is Free, properly maintaining, marketing and participating in facebook activity can be a time consuming craft if you want your facebook marketing to be successful. To read what others are saying about us and for details on what our Facebook Social Media services can do for your company, visit our Facebook Marketing page

YouTube Marketing adds an outstanding visual spectrum to your social media package

YouTube - YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and is not just for performing artists. You might be amazed at the myriad of opportunities YouTube Marketing presents. Incorporating your professional channel into your marketing strategy adds more oomph! to your social media package. It's fun and it's Free. But in order to be successful it needs to be maintained, updated and shared. To learn more about what we can do to incorporate YouTube Marketing into your business, visit our YouTube Marketing page

Create a blog as part of your social media marektingto keep your audience informed and entertained

Blog - A Blog is similar to a website where posts (entries) are arranged in chronological order with the most recent at the top. Blogs and blog posts can be shared, liked and commented on. There are a myriad of different types of blogs and adding a blog to your social media package is a great source of bringing smaller, digestible bits of information to your audience in a consistent and easily accessible space.

One of the most important keys to the success of a blog is its content...interesting, informative and entertaining posts. Creating content for posts, publishing them to your blog, blog maintenance and responding to comments is time consuming if you want your blog to be a successful marketing medium. There is an art to blogging and you can find out more about how we can assist you in bringing the benefits of a blog to your audience by visit our Blog Writing page

    You might think of a social media writer as a bit of an event planner, responsible for your company's social media event - your online social media presence and voice. Therefore, it's extremely important to hire the right person to create the right content, the right connection and the right atmosphere. You need The Write Copywriter. Contact us today for a Free no-obligation quote on what our social media services can do for your business.

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